Samsung Could be Activating the FM Chip on Your Smartphone in the US

Most average
consumers have no idea about what companies do to make them spend more money
and deactivating the FM chip in the US and many other nations was one of the dirtiest
of those tricks that never got the attention that it deserved. Fortunately,
that is about to change now as the FCC Chairman Ajit Pal and sections of the government have taken it up with the manufacturers.

 In light of the recent natural disasters that ravaged
many sections of the United States, the FM radio has been identified as a necessary
public safety measure to get emergency information across to everyone when
cellphone towers and net connections are not reliable options for that. Samsung
will now join LG, Motorola, and Alcatel in activating FM chips in compatible
smartphones. If you are wondering why they were deactivated in the first place,
it was quite simply a move to help carriers make more money by making the user spend
expensive data to listen to online radio, instead of listening to FM stations
for free.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)