EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review

now and then, losing important data is a real nightmare every computer user has
to deal with. It can be because of malware attacks, accidental deletion, and
operating system crashes. There is also a possibility that your data is gone
due to mechanical damages to the storage device; except for this where you need
to set up cloud computing beforehand to backup the data, chances are you can
restore missing files quickly and easily using EaseUS free data recovery


people use treat their computers as hubs of works and entertainment in which
they store all important work files, personal information and entertainment
contents. They access those data on daily basis, and sometimes with reckless manners.
People spill coffee on keyboard, drop laptop or flash drive from a desk, get
frustrated with a game then randomly press some buttons, or plug
malware-infected hardware. You have probably done similar kinds of
carelessness, and now you must face one of the most common consequences of them
all: losing data.


can avoid the unfortunate consequence assuming you have an active cloud
– more specifically cloud storage – account to which you
backed-up all the files prior to losing them. But then again, cloud storage is
not always a handy solution when you have low-speed internet connection such as
via dial-up modem. In absence of backup, you can download EaseUS data
recovery software free of charge from the official website and search for
the missing files with its straightforward interface.


launched, the program allows you to choose a location or partition of hard
drive where the missing files were originally saved, including
removable/external storage device, to scan. For quicker and more accurate
results, choose a specific directory instead. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
offers both quick scan and deep scan; the former delivers results more quickly,
while the latter takes more time but with more files found. One of the best
things is that the software provides a Preview option to make sure you restore
the right missing files. Remember that EaseUS lists all deleted files from your
computer, so it most likely will give more results than you need. Nevertheless,
you get to choose what kind of files to search such as videos, graphics,
documents, emails, audio, web files, and more.

Data Recovery Wizard is able to restore deleted files from internal hard drive,
external hard drive, flash drive, as well as other digital devices such as
camera and iPod. For any removable device, you must connect it to a computer
where the software is installed. In the partition/location selection screen,
choose the removable drive to scan. In addition to the free version, the
software is available as premium with more options including bootable media for
emergency which comes in handy in times when you computer operating system
refuses to start. The software is small and light in the sense that it does not
consume a lot of computer resources yet more than powerful enough to thoroughly
scan large-capacity storage devices with accurate results.