The Galaxy S9 Cameras Will Likely See Huge Improvements

The CES 2018 is already on its way and it is quite likely
that Samsung will be launching a teaser at the show. However, before that
happens, we have a treat for you, in case you are one of the millions of fans
waiting for the Korean OEM to release their next flagship handset. According to
the latest leak, the single camera on the Galaxy S9 will sport an aperture of
f/1.5, while the dual camera module will likely feature at least one camera
with an f/1.4 aperture.

Given that the f/1.7 aperture single lens cameras of the
Galaxy S8 and S8+ produce beautiful images in lowlight, one can only imagine
what Samsung would be able to do with such huge apertures! In case you are not
aware, the lower the number is, the better the photos turn out to be in
lowlight situations. Currently, there is no other smartphone in the market that
can boast of such excellent apertures and if this does turn out to be true, the
Galaxy S9 and S9+ cameras could be setting new benchmarks for the next gen
smartphone cameras in 2018.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)